Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cool Nights in New York

Cool Nights in New York

Airport Style and Travel Essentials

Airport Style

As someone who loves planes, airports and traveling when I can, airport style is a personal interest of mine. How does one balance a put together but cozy chic outfit?

In this look, take a luxe cashmere hoodie and layer it over an asymmetrical, half striped, tee. This way, if you get really cold on board you're covered, but you can take a layer off when your arrive at your destination.

When traveling you need to wear comfy shoes, so a classic slip on like Vans is your best bet. They'll still fit if your feet swell on the trip and they're cute and casual. Make sure to have a pair of dressier flats or sandals on hand for quick changes in setting, hotel check-ins and warmer weather.

For me, my carry-on is an important piece because I need to be able to fit my iPad, cords, chargers, makeup bag, makeup brushes, sketchbook, wallet, tissues, facial mist (Tip: planes dry out your skin terribly, so I generally go on board with just eye makeup and spritz my face with a moisturizing toner in flight. Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is a great, affordable option, available at Sephora and it smells amazing. When you land you can dash off to the restroom to put the rest of your face on, and not worry about getting your eyeliner straight while dozens of other travellers jostle by you on the way to the toilets.) , spare earbuds, pencil case, and all those other things we pack when we travel "light". This sleek leather backpack by 3.1 Philip Lim is perfect because it will fit everything you need, but is dressy enough to upgrade your look to luxe casual. The zippers also expand a bit if you need more space, so this bag is a definite win.

Lastly, a good, lightweight, minimal suitcase and large sunnies are your best friends, post flight. Honestly, I stress light weight because there's nothing like lugging a 90 pound suitcase through the airport and then through central park before hotel check in. I've been there, done that, uphill, both ways and never will again. Sunnies are great to cover bleary eyes and you look chic and stylish while wearing them. And that's my mini guide to minimal traveling and airport style.

- Jöelle

Casual Chic Camel Sweater

Casual Chic Camel Sweater by joelleramey featuring round sunglasses