Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ask The Little Black Pencil Skirt

Hey Everyone!
It's been a long time coming, but I finally compiled the Ask Me questions you guys have been sending me. Without further ado, here are the top 11 questions:

1.) How old are you? 

It's in my bio, but I am currently 21 years old and my birthday is July 5th.

2.) How tall are you?
Ok, this one used to be in the bio, but it didn't fit. I'm 5'9. Yep.
Any tall followers out there know the struggle of trying to find modest clothing that goes anywhere near your knees. Don't worry, I feel your pain, that's one of the reasons I started the page. It's a little bit harder for us taller girls to look cute when our clothing choices get cut in half and I'm sure some of you out there know the feeling when you find an adorable dress only it's a tunic on you.

3.) Favourite Colour? 
I'd say black has a top spot, given its prevalence in my wardrobe, but if I had to pick an all time favourite, gold would be it! This girl loves her metallics and I'll always have a soft spot for gold or silver anything. Other colours I love include grey (all shades), blue, pale pink, white, and tan.

4.) Do you blog for profit?
Nope, blogging and Instagram are long standing personal hobbies of mine. I simply enjoy sharing things I come across and what I wear daily. It's a simply aesthetic project; if anything, profit would probably compromise the integrity of my content. That being said, I do collaborations if I like the product. I'll never endorse something I don't full heartedly support. Some things I currently endorse are Aura Stone Designs and Coil and Connect (bracelets)

5.) What is your educational background?
Though it's hardly relevant given that this is a personal style blog, I went to college for Paralegal Education as I've always had an interest in literary pursuits and legal practice. During and following college, I went on to work extensively in asset management and finance. I've always been a creative type of person, so upon moving to Dallas, I established my first company and current entrepreneurial 
endeavour, Kawaii Care.

6.) What is Kawaii Care?

Kawaii Care was first conceived after I survived a serious car accident in 2014. Through no fault of my own, I was hit by a car when returning home one night after a study session. The aftermath of the accident had an immense impact on me. I had constant headaches, soft tissue damage, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, neurological challenges and a serious loss of abilities. Things I had been able to do with ease prior to the accident were now especially difficult; I couldn't even sit in class without being in pain. I lost the ability to do many things I enjoyed and as a result, was sad all the time.

I always wished that someone would care enough to reach out to me or make sure I was ok. Dealing with illness or tragedy makes people wary, so if anything I never felt like I could talk about the problems I was having and what I was feeling.

This got me thinking about people in similar situations to mine. I had friends who were in hospitals, dealing with their own challenges, who could also do with some cheering up. Kawaii Care was established to bring a smile to someone's face. To provide a little bit of comfort that only adorable, happy things can. Besides, doesn't everyone need a box of happiness sometimes?

7.) Coffee or Tea?
Coffee hands down. I only drink tea when I'm sick or trying to relax.

8.) Heels or Flats?

I love a good heel, but flats are my favourite. I love sneakers and slides in my day to day look. I'm more about ease, convenience and simplicity of style as opposed to the impractical or trend-driven. I also walk a lot and let me assure you, there is nothing fun about running for the train in heels after walking four blocks.

9.) Music?

I love music! If anything I'm rarely ever seem without my earbuds. I love a lot of different genres and I can go from Frank Sinatra to Bring Me The Horizon to Avicii to Drake in no time flat. I have varied musical tastes; it keeps things interesting.

10.) Brands I would want to work with?

I’d say all the mainstream brands I wear on a daily basis – Zara, HM and FOREVER 21. They’re great for basics and basics make up my wardrobe. If I had to pick a dream brand I would have to say Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Achro, Shaina Mote, Theory, Vince and The Row.

 11.) Favourite makeup brand?
Favourite makeup brand – now this is a hard one! I’m really into Korean beauty, and my current go to brands are Holika Holika, TONY MOLY and The Face Shop. If I had to pick a mainstream favourite, I’m loving Colourpop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier and Hourglass. Also, you can never go wrong with Urban Decay.

That's it for now guys. I'll update with further questions as they come. Have an awesome night!
- Jöelle

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yom Tov / High Holidays Style - Dresses

Yom Tov Chag Style - Dresses

Hey guys,

Here's the heavily requested Yom Tov styling guide, dress edition.

Yom Tov is stressful, there's cleaning cooking and just plain finding something to wear (even more so when you're tall). I hope to make that a little simpler with this quick little reference guide and some tips and tricks.

1.) Florals - You can never go wrong with a ladylike floral print. There's something timeless and classic about a good midi dress. Combine the two and you have a great, shul appropriate look. If you can afford it, I would suggest looking at Ederm's dresses. His designs are gorgeous (pictured) and rely heavily on ladylike silhouettes and flowers.
If you're looking for something similar to the dress pictured, but a little more affordable, check out the Who What Wear collection at Target. They have lots of floral dresses in a variety of styles and sizes.

2.) Gathered or Draped - One of my favourite ways to spice minimal looks up is to get a dress with ruching, draping or detailed paneling. It's amazing how a few tucks and layers can make you feel like a greek goddess. For this type of dress, I usually stick to simple neutral colours and leave the patterns for other styles as it can look too busy and add bulk.

3.) Little Black Dress - Just like you can never go wrong with a little black pencil skirt, the little black dress is your dress up closet staple. It doesn't show dirt, is universally flattering and slimming. All in all it creates a somber, chic, elusive air that's perfect for everyone. You can stick to the basics or mix things up with leather paneling or skirting as shown above.

4.) Silk - I love silk! It's gorgeous, feels amazing, skims your curves and keeps you cool. What's not to love? This mustard, sueded, silk wrap dress is on trend and the flounces add attitude and flow. Silk looks amazing in almost every dress cut, but I personally love a good silk sheath dress. It's loose, airy and has romance written all over it.

5.) Velvet - I love the way velvet feels and this stunning silver number from Jcrew is perfect for events. It's the classic wrap dress, reimagined in trendy crushed velvet, and the tie cinches the waist nicely. (Sometimes velvet can add bulk sometimes, so defining the waist is key.)

This brings me to my next styling tip: It's pretty self explanatory depending on the cut of the dress, but the plain white oxford button down is your best friend. If you layer a button down under a sleeveless dress it adds an unspoken chic factor. Just Jcrew-cuff your sleeves and throw on a sparkly tennis bracelet or bangles and you're all set. This look is the perfect mix of trendy and careless; It's a win / win.

6.) Solid Colour A Line Dress - Another closet staple, the solid colour a-line dress accentuates your figure without overpowering you. I love this dress in a tan, navy or creme tone because it's the perfect building piece. You can add statement jewelry or show stopping shoes and change the look every time you wear the dress.

Shoes - Just make sure you can walk in them! and obviously no leather on Yom Kippur.

That being said, have a happy, sweet new year!

- Jöelle 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Little Stressed: Handling Stress Positively

A Little Stressed

"Just a little bit stressed" is a phrase that I have come to hear at least once a day in passing. This raises the question that if everyone's stressed to some degree, how does one relax and handle it? Life is stressful and everyone has challenges and problems to work through. How does one take the time to relax and rejuvenate following a stressful event (or series of events)?

To answer these questions, here's a self-prioritizing post about stress and what you can do about it. Stress, anxiety and worry are things that are not commonly addressed on social media platforms, so it's important to take the time to think about them and how they relate to your personal mental health. There is more to style blogging than outfits. It's a lifestyle and lifestyle should be represented accurately, with due emphasis on difficulties, challenges and the strategies we use to overcome them.

1.) Dress up - Clothes say a lot about your personality and way of connecting to the world. If you're feeling stressed I suggest putting on something you feel cute and comfortable in. People naturally assume that putting on pyjamas is your best bet because you'll feel relaxed. I agree to a certain extent, but sometimes that can make you feel pretty depressed. Pulling on a comfy cute outfit, like the one above, will help you feel warm and cozy while still looking chic, relaxed and put together. I'm personally most comfortable in an oversized sweatshirt (It's like wearing a hug), tight skirt and some Vans, but that's just me. If heels are more your thing, throw on your most fabulous pair and tackle your problems in style, even if you don't leave the house.

2.) Epsom Salt Bath - Dr. Teal's Epsom salts are my all time favourite bath salts for quick stress relief. When I get stressed, I get horrible back, neck and shin pain and a good long soak (20 minutes, minimum) really helps me unwind. Bonus is that they come in scented varieties for extra relief. My favourites are eucalyptus and camomile. You end up relaxed and smelling amazing. Bonus - the salts help draw toxins from your body, so you're actually curing yourself while you soak.

3.) Tea - I know this one may come as a shocker for those of you who think of me as a coffee person, first and foremost. That is true, but coffee is not optimal for your system when you're stressed. If I really need to relax, I'll play around with the teas in my cupboard and find the most pleasing mix. My stress relief go-to is peppermint, chamomile and mango peach. It sounds kind of gross but it's amazing.

4.) Bath Bombs - As I've stated above, a bath can do wonders for your body when you're stressed and the same is true for bath bombs. I personally try to take a bubble bath every other day beach of the effect it has on me. After a long day there's nothing better than a longer bath and nothing makes that better than a fancy bath bomb. My favourites include: Sex Bomb, Rocket Science, Dragon's Egg, Intergalactic, Metamorphosis and Yellow Submarine. All available on the Lush website (Here ).

5.) Music - This is probably one of the most crucial aspects of stress relief, but it has been proven time and again that music has an undebatable effect on us as humans. Whether your taste is soft piano or heavy metal core, listening to your favourite songs can greatly relieve stress and add a bit of encouragement when needed.

6.) Talk - This one just might be the most important of the six. Communication is essential for most things in life, but more so when you are stressed or anxious. Make sure you have at least one person you can talk to when you feel overwhelmed. It's not healthy to keep things inside and it's often more therapeutic if you relay your issues to someone. Often times they will have a unique, objective,  perspective your never saw because of your emotional investment. You can't handle everything on your own, that's why your have a support network to help you through.

There you have it, six ways to handle stress and facilitate relief. Everyone gets stressed and everyone handles that stress in a different way. I don't think stress is addressed enough as a whole on this platform, so I hope this helps anyone who needed some suggestions. Always remember: stress is temporary, how your handle it can be permanent. You've got this and if you're facing adversity and having difficulty, you must be doing something right. Keep going and the reward for your perseverance will outshine anything you've ever imagined.

- Jöelle

Fall Transition in Oatmeal

Fall Transition in Oatmeal by joelleramey featuring leather sneakers