Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beauty Trend: Asian Cosmetics & Skincare

Feeling clean and fresh
(Light, natural  all-Korean-makeup look.)

 Hi Guys,

Here's a quick post on one of my favourite beauty trends, Asian beauty products. The Asian skincare craze has been around for a while, but I never really got onboard. It seemed pretty expensive and complicated to find, so imagine my surprise when I found out how simple and affordable it is. (and how it branches out into more than just skin care!)

Cleansing and moisturizing wasn't doing it for me so when I heard about certain brands of face masks for tired, sensitive skin, I wanted to try them out.

Whats great about the masks is that they are made for sensitive skin and are very gentle. They average at about $1 - $15 depending on where you buy them and what the mask is supposed to do. Also, the packaging is super cute and they have a mask for every occasion. At one of my favourite Korean stores, Holika Holika, they have masks for after studying, before a date, after working overtime, after hitting the gym, the list goes on.

Some of my favourite face mask brands:

  • Etude House: has amazing masks with gorgeous packaging. I posted pictures of two of my favourites, the Acai Berry and Vita Complex masks. The Vita Complex  mask is literally vitamins for your skin and does wonders for tired skin. 
  • Holika Holika: has super moisturizing masks for every occasion. They have different lines of masks for any skin concern. (tightening, brightening, whitening, moisture, elasticity.) 
  • SOO: A personal favourite and the first brand I ever tried. Bonus points because they smell AMAZING!
  • SkinFood: Great masks, simple ingredients and a good rep with big beauty bloggers. 

The Dream Team
Holika Holika favourites
After becoming a face mask devotee, I started wondering about my makeup routine in general. A lot of the brands I was using were pretty expensive and definitely not naturally made. They often left my makeup dry and cake-y and without careful cleansing, caused horrible breakouts. (also, I'm really pale, so finding a shade that fit naturally is tough.)

I stumbled upon Korean cosmetics next and here are a few personal 5 star faves:

Holika Holika: two words, LIP-TINT. The lip tint is super moisturizing and gives your lips the perfect berry stain for the day. 
Freebie for those of us with small eyes: the under eye pencil is amazing. 

TONY MOLY: an awesome brand carried at Sephora. The strawberry pore strips and Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer are really good. (Think a cute version of Biore) 
The Panda under eye circle correcting line and the Aloe line are great if you like the products. 

It's Skin: A high quality brand ranging from super cute basics to hard core face-fixing serums. The BabyFace line is my personal favourite. It works really well and the packaging is the cutest!

Pictured below are the petit mascara, highlighter puff and makeup setting spray (smells like pear!)

It's Skin, BABYFACE line

Now the main question: where do I get these? The fastest way to get them is Ebay. There are wholesalers from Korea who ship the authentic products for free (and they usually arrive in a week of two.) Another way is to find stores that carry these products. If you live in Toronto like I do, you can find these at T&T Supermarkets, Pacific Mall boutiques, the Holika Holika in the Eglington Centre  and the Jealousy Japanese beauty store on Queen West and Spadina.

-Jöelle (wearing her face mask while composing this really long post)

And so it begins....


  1. Wonderful reviews!! Sounds like some great products! :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Stephanie! they are all must tries <3

  2. Creativity of writer is purely impressive. It has touched to the level of expertise with his writing. Everything is up to the mark. Written perfectly and I can use such information for my coming assignment.

    1. Hello Bets Eyrue,

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Hope you try some of the products and enjoy. All the best!
      - Joelle


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