Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Look at Minimalism

Hey Guys,

Here's the long awaited look at minimalism:

Minimalism is one of the easiest ways to always look chic and unbothered. Minimalism ensures you have a certain Je ne said quoi and that you wear your clothes and not the other way around. It's very versatile, looks good on everyone and looks timelessly cool. It's also a pretty catchy trend, street style wise.

Ok, enough said.

Minimalism is pretty easy to master. It starts with basics and how you style them. I have attached a Polypore set of some of the basic pieces one should have to achieve the look.

Minimalism generally requires neutral colours arranged in interesting ways. A white blouse, leather, some fur and a camel coat and you've got a sharp outfit that can take you from day to night. It's all about layering and mixing in aesthetic ways. All of the items below are mix and match basics that form super chic outfits. (For inspo, think the olsen twins and off duty models, Korean fashion, etc.)

Inner Minimalist
Minimalist Basics: leather jacket, turtleneck, grey, sneakers, plaid, scarves, camel, button downs.....

Here are some of my most-liked outfits on my feed and how I did them:

A pop of colour
 This outfit was a basic ruffled grey sweatshirt with a layered oversized button down, leather leggings and super comfy suede Vans.

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I updated the look with a pop of orange to liven it up and added silver aviators.

A major part of the minimalist aesthetic is in the details. A necklace, hat, bag, fur etc. all add a polished look to an outfit.

Metallic sweater and colour-block sneakers 
 This look is a very popular one on my Instagram feed. It was a mix of navy, metallics and grey to form a layered look.

The leggings give the outfit a sporty vibe and the sparkles add excitement to the look. (That being said an all black look is cool too, but I usually add at least one statement.)

The greyish hue of the sneakers ties in the sweater, the white backs match the button down and the navy sweater coat pulls everything together.

This look centres on layering a comfy grey Clu USA ruffle sweater with blue and grey pinstripes at the bottom, with plaid. (I love stripes and plaid together.)

The leather leggings upgrade the look and add an edge while the plain black colour palette keeps things chic.

The last two looks feature basic coat styles and scarves as attention pieces.

That's all for now, for those with questions, feel free to DM me.


Classic coat and scarf combo

Lace up details and a draped scarf

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