Monday, October 23, 2017

Transitioning Summer Dresses for Fall

Transitioning Summer Dresses for Fall

Hey everyone!

Long time no post! A lot of you have been asking me about how to transition your summer wardrobe for fall and winter. Either you don't have a lot of closet space, you want to be more organized or you just want to get the most out of the pieces in your wardrobe, choosing what to transition is a key element in deciding your look for the upcoming season.

First off, find your fall color palette. As a minimalist my fall look generally gravitates towards navy, black, grey, maroon, white, forest green and pops of red. Once you've figured out a color scheme, it will be easier to decide what to put away for the season.

To begin, take out all your sweaters and cardigans and start setting them into rotation, they will be instrumental in giving your look a cooler season feel. It's often helpful to put lighter knits closer to the front of the closet so you get more use out of them before it gets too cold.

Next, look at all your summer dresses and skirts. (If you wear shorts, keep a few favorite pairs out and put the rest away). Put aside all florals that aren't in fall tones and pack them away for spring and summer. (Note: use discretion, pink and pastel florals can be used year round if done well) If anything in your wardrobe screams summer or beach, pack it away. It's probably still going to feel that way, even with a sweater on top.

As shown above, one of the easiest ways to transition is to use chunky, oversized cardigans or dusters and layer them over shirt or t-shirt dresses. You can take off the layer if you get too hot or add another layer if you're feeling cold. Leggings like the leather ones shown above add a bit of fall edge and keep your legs toasty warm (you can honestly never go wrong with a leather legging; they're pretty badass). Distressed denim or plain black leggings are also transitioning closet staples.

Next up, keep a few basic t-shirts and blouses around for layering under knits and creating interest. Put any extras aside for the warmer temperatures. Keep a few denim shirts on hand to add interest to your looks. You can wear them under a sweater a la JCREW or tie them around your waist to accentuate your figure.

Now's the time to break out all of your plaids! You can layer them over top of each other, tie them in a messy knot at your waist, or drape them over your shoulders to give your outfit a bit of an alternative feel. You want to play with textures for fall; mixing leathers, plaids, suede, tweed and silks adds texture and an instant cool girl vibe.

Next, take stock of your footwear. Put the flip flops and sandals away for next season but keep out the sneakers, slides, flats, peep toe booties and mules. Open toe shoes are best for transitioning when the weather is still uncertain. If you don't already own them, I'd suggest investing in a cute pair of peep toe mules. They go with almost any outfit, can be dressed up or down and you can actually run in them. Also, since they're backless, they won't wreak havoc on the backs of your feet.

With regard to accessories, you can basically keep everything! Straw or woven tote bags aside, almost every bag you own can carry over for fall, pastels aside of course. Now's the time to bring out your blanket scarf collection and cute beanies and felt hats. Cold weather accessories really help elevate a transitional look.

That's it! Keep what you want, layer what you keep and enjoy fall while it lasts.

Happy layering,

- Jöelle

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