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M. Jay Cohen IT Tube Skirt Review

Hi Everyone,

I know this post has been a long time coming, but here it is: a review on the IT Tube Skirt by M. Jay Cohen.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, nor will I be in the future. This is my personal opinion and honest review of the product provided to me.

I received this skirt from the brand in late December, and have been holding off on this post so I could put it to the test. Believe me when I say, I think I've found the perfect little black pencil skirt.

First off, the skirt I received was shipped out of California, USA, and got to Toronto in a few days. Judging by the fact it was the holiday season, I think it's safe to say the shipping is fast and reliable.

When I initially put the skirt on (fresh out of the package; I love getting mail), I was worried about the fit. When the seller had offered me the skirt, I was told that the model in the promo pictures was 5'9 and a size four to six, size small in IT Tube Skirt sizing.

I'm 5'9 and in the two to six size range depending on the skirt, so I figured that this would work for me. When I put the skirt on it felt a little stiff and did not go over my knee. I expressed my concerns to the seller and she promptly and kindly suggested that I send her the size small skirt and she would send a medium. She was very helpful and suggested I keep the small for a bit because the skirt stretches to fit your body. She was right.

The first time I wore the skirt, it started to mold to my body. Do you have wide hips, a little too much tummy? This skirt will stretch to accommodate those areas and recede back after you take it off.

Things I love about this skirt:

1. ) Not Cotton - I love cotton for summer; It's breathable and stretchy and when It's 30 degrees outside, your legs need to breathe.

That being said, cotton is often too stretchy sometimes. After few wears, the black fades to a dull greyish tone and the bottom gets overstretched. This skirt is a stretchy polyester / spandex blend. Yes. Spandex. It's great and surprisingly breathable.  

2.) No Elastic Band Around The Waist - Almost every pencil skirt I own (and I own loads) has an elastic band around the waist. That's fine for a few wears, but after washing and continuous wear, the band becomes overstretched and slouchy at the waist. I love slouchy, but not at the waistband.

The IT Tube Skirt does NOT have an elastic band inside. The waistline is made of the same material as the rest of the skirt. What makes it different from other skirts on the market is that the waistband is attached to the body of the skirt with zig zag stitching. This allows for optimal movement and stretch without busting the seams or over-stretching them.

3.) Made In The USA - The IT Tube Skirt is made in the US. There is care and responsibility in the crafting of each garment and you can rest easy knowing your skirt was not made by an underage, underpaid labourer. It's also great to support smaller businesses, and with this skirt, you can do all of the above.

4.) Machine Washable / Dryer Safe - OK, so, disclaimer - the tag on the skirt says to wash on cold and tumble dry low. I'm going to own up to washing on warm and throwing it in the dryer on warm. When I realized my mistake I thought I'd have a doll-sized skirt, but the skirt didn't even shrink. I will also admit to doing this many times since the initial mistake and the outcome has been the same.

I'm also kind of obsessed with it and have often washed it so I can wear it two days in a row. Yes. Really.

Another great point, NO FADING! I've washed the skirt at least 20 times by now and its still as black as the day I pulled it out of the package.

5.) Price - Here's where I get super excited (y'all know I love a good deal). The IT Tube Skirt is only $38. Yep. For real. If you work out cost per wear for the cost of an average cotton pencil skirt at $17.99 or so, with limited wear, this skirt is more than a steal.

6.) The Bottom - The bottom (and the skirt in general) has retained its original tight look. Don't let the tube look fool you, this skirt can withstand some serious stretching. It has my personal stamp of approval. Its been a month or so of my startled-gazelle-bolting-across-the-Serengeti strides and the seams are still as tight as ever. (Yes I walk really fast and take long strides, my legs don't always do what I'd like them to do and hand-eye coordination is no longer my strong point.)

Suggestions: To all my fellow tall ladies, I've found the prefect pencil skirt and it actually covers your knees! I would suggest a size small for regular wear and a medium if you want a high waisted fit and a bit more length. If you are curvy, I would suggest a medium to large.

For the shorter ladies, this skirt is still perfect. The small is quite small and will fit well. If you're really short, the medium can always work as a long, midi, tight fitting skirt. (Think Mimumaxi leggings skirt.)

As you can see I'm incredibly happy with this skirt and clearly need to stock up on more!

Interested in getting your own IT Tube Skirt?  See the link below:

Want updates on whats new and up and coming, follow M. Jay Cohen on Instagram at @Mjaycohen     They have a really cool midi dress for sale as well and new things coming soon.

Looking for styling ideas, see below for some looks I've made with the skirt:

That's it for now!

- J√∂elle 

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