Thursday, May 25, 2017

16 Minimal Amazon Things You Need In Your Life Now

16 Amazon Things You Need In Your Life

Hey Everyone,

A minimal blog wouldn't be complete without lifestyle picks, and now that I'm settled in Dallas <3 I can post more regularly. See below for 16 lifestyle picks I've been eying, all available on Amazon!!!!

1.) A minimal grey couch - This set is so cute and would go beautifully in almost any setting.

2.) A bread pillow - Everyone knows I love all things Kawaii (Japanese for "cute") and I saw this pillow recently in Dallas and thought it was the cutest, softest pillow I'd ever seen. It's safe to say this on my wish list now!

3.) A marble throw pillow - This would go so well on the minimal grey couch and everyone knows I have a slight marble obsession. While on the topic of marble and home, check out Target if you're looking for marble themed stationary, desk and home supplies!

4.) A Sailor Moon sweatshirt - This top is super cute and would be great for Comicon, Fan Expo or just lounging around the house. ~Magically~

5.) A set of grey silicone and wood baking supplies - I love baking so this minimal, grey set caught my eye. I love the mixed materials and of course, the fact that it's grey <3

6.) A clear and gold stapler - I love minimal office supplies and anything gold, and if you do to, this is the perfect stapler.

7.) Set of 3 succulents - I love little things and these succulents pots are super cute and would complement any window sill. Succulents not included, but you can get them at Walmart for a dollar so it's ok.

8.) Star Wars Darth Vader head toaster - I'm kind of a huge nerd (shocker, if you're new, I know) and I have a load of fandoms. I love Starwars and just think how much more fun toast would be with the Starwars logo on it. Also, Darth's helmet is black so it would go nicely in my kitchen :)

9.) A dinosaur noodle scoop - If you saw the Nessie ladle and the Tricerataco taco holder, you know dino kitchen supplies are trending. This adorable scoop is perfect for adding a little ~something extra~ to mealtimes.

10.) Clear rimmed sunglasses - You've probably noticed that I love circle sunglasses and these clear lenses are an on trend look I want to try. It's very retro but very striking and since I love circle glasses and clear things, I'm crushing on these hard <3

11.) A hammerhead shark bottle opener - This is one bottle opener you won't lose. I love sharks and this adorable and sleek bottle opener is a perfect addition to any minimal kitchen.

12.) Himalayan pink salt scrub - I'm all about smaller brands and alternative skin care so I've been wanting to try this scrub. The reviews are also really good!

13.) Washi tape bundle - I love washi tape and this bundle is super cute and has so many uses!

14.) "Sith Happens" tote bag - I've been looking for a new minimal tote bag after my coffee one broke, and this adorable Star Wars one would be perfect. It's also an excellent conversation starter. :)

15.) A set of rose gold cutlery - I loooooove anything gold or shiny and this rose gold cutlery set is gorgeous and subtly luxe. Crushing hard on these!

16.) Last but not least, a glass succulent holder - I'd probably end up using this as a jewelry organizer or a pencil holder, but this planter is so aesthetically pleasing and would look great on any desk.

Thats it for now everyone! <3

- J√∂elle 

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